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Sector Relative Strength Matrix

Sector Relative Strength Matrix (Interactive Charts)

last updated at 15:49 18/01/2022

It has 3 charts from 01/11/2021 till date, 4 charts from 20/12/2021 till date and the latest scores sheet

Its TOTAL SCORE of the last column of Individual NIFTY Sectors vs NIFTY 50 Index

Long Term Scores = 0.25% + 1% + 2% + 3% P&F box sizes.

Short Term Scores = 0.25% + 1% P&F box sizes.
Right now, we have 22 sectors... going to add some more soon

NSE started giving CONSUMER DURABLES, HEALTHCARE, OIL & GAS sectors Indexes from 9th August 2021, so 3% box size value on TradePoint is 0

I have downloaded historic CONSUMER DURABLES, HEALTHCARE Indexes from NSE Website from 1st January 2020, so 3% box sizes value has been drived in my data.


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